Thursday, 3 January 2013

Mind the Gap II

Let us swiftly pass over the "summer" of 2012, because that's probably the best thing to do with it. Unless of course you happen to be a slug. Or the river, which found its way into pastures new, including some of the lower-lying plots on our site, devastating the bees and hens.

We come now to the misty autumn morning which finds my other half on his daily run down the path alongside the Plot. Looming out of the fog, in the corner by the western wall, is...nothing! No shed, just charred remains, sitting in the middle of which are the warped remnants of a barbecue-stand.

By an amusing irony, the only two objects that survived the conflagration had both been brought to the shed, over the past 18 months, by previous trespassers unknown. Something about their survival ("Bread and Buddha") made the whole thing bearable. Along with the fact that no other parts of the Plot, including the two wooden compost-holders, and the free apple tree from the City Council, had suffered any damage at all.

Far from it! Though it has lost a shed, the Plot has gained a lifetime's supply of Terra Preta. Mayan apocalypse? Pah!

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